JY 又写了两首诗给我。。不错不错~ 比之前进步多了。。哈哈。。
谢咯~ 源老大。。

Celebrating birthday is the happiest things in my life,
Having fun with friends are the most wonderful things in my life,
Indeed having fun with friends is the most exciting things in my life,
Never going to let this fun go away from my life.

Listen to the song that I like everyday in my life,
Instead of thinking non-sense that will suffer my whole day and my life,

You never knew what’s going to happen next in our life,
I appreciate that you all become the friends of my life,
Never going to let our friendship fly away in my life,
Going to hold all your hands tight until I leave my life.


Cry will not solve our problem,
Hate will only make ourselves suffer,
Indeed use our brain to solve the problem,
Never think that solving problems will only make ourselves suffer.

Listen to others to get the ideas,
Indeed two brains will always come out with a better ideas.

Youngsters nowadays love to think non-sense that will only make them suffer hence
Important for me to tell ying that don’t consider about those non-sense,
Neglect the non-sense thought so that it will not make your life non-sense,
Grab a microphone and say that I will forget about all the non-sense……

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