Sing k @ 1st Avenue!

Went to 1st Avenue sing k with Pei Fen, Pei Ying, Li Ping and Mei Shan @ 4pm! With student price, just RM9.90 (incluce tax)!! Cheap leh~?? Ngek ngek ngek.. XD

Thought just sing for 3hours, but the people there said give us 4hours wor~ We sure very excited la~ But..... at last, we sing till 5HOURS!!! Omg~~~ o.O

5hours dont know want happy or sad lo~ Happy because can sing so long, Sad because we have no time to shopping!! lOlz..

And.. We all sing till "pat toh L"(hungry) lo~ very very "L" tim.. Pei Fen and Pei Ying "L" till no rasa liao~ pity-nya~ haha.. =D

Thank God we met another 2 friends Kelly and Chee Yan who just finish shopping. The most important is they have transport!! haha.. 7 of us sat in a car and go back hostel. Thanks Kelly for fetching us..

After that we settle our dinner outside hostel @ Roti Bakar @ about 10pm.. Yummy yummy~ =P

Really enjoy singing today (opps.. should be yesterday, coz pass 12am liao~ haha...) Enjoy the time we sing 2gether, enjoy the time we "jerit" 2gether, enjoy the time.. really enjoy d time..

Not much to say at here.. 1st time write blog with English.. the languages i use like "rojak".. Sorry o~ because my english not very good ma~ Paiseh paiseh.. (i guess just Malaysian who know Hokkien know what am i writting ba~?) wakaka..

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